The Rate-A-Mate Lite is an abbreviated version of the Rate-A-Mate Scale – a comprehensive assessment of relationship compatibility designed to assist you in determining “Who’s right and who’s goodnight.” The Rate-A-Mate Scale is now available for download in the Guide to Making Healthy Relationship Choices.


The Rate-A-Mate is for you if:

The Rate-A-Mate Scale takes the vagueness and generality out of whether you are compatible with another person by allowing the calculation of a compatibility index. This provides a realistic look at what a relationship would look like with that person. It also allows you to objectively compare several people you may be considering for the important position of being your relationship partner. The Rate-A-Mate Scale is not a structured interview, but rather represents areas of information you need to know about a person you’re considering for a relationship. The best way to obtain this information is through general conversation, guided inquiry, careful listening, and knowing what you’re looking for. Turn your dates into more than just opportunities to have fun – really get to know the person sitting across from you before you commit to a relationship.