Rate-A-Mate Compatibility Scale

Avoid these common mistakes individuals often make early on in their relationships that often lead to making relationship choices that do not work.


Not asking enough questions. The more information you have about a person, the better you’ll be able to judge whether that person will make a good mate. The less you know about someone, the more likely you will choose a person without knowing who that person really is. In the world of relationships, ignorance is not bliss!


Making premature compromises. Premature compromise involves changing or editing your own values, behaviors, and habits in hope that you and your partner will appear to get along more harmoniously. Enter into relationships knowing what your values, interests, and loyalties are and be committed first to yourself and second to your partner.


Ignoring warning signals of potential problems. By seeing only what we want to see and not what we don’t want to see, we set ourselves up for eventual feelings of disappointment, betrayal, and anger. When a warning sign is detected, you must ask yourself is this something reasonable that I am willing to deal with or is this something unreasonable that I am not willing to deal with.


Giving in to lust blindness. Quickly engaging in a lustful or sexual relationship with a person often blinds us to the real person. Lust is easily mistaken for love. Good sex does not necessarily translate into a good relationship since we may be in love with passion without even knowing the person.


Giving in to material seduction. In our society where such emphasis is placed on outer rather than inner wealth, we often fall prey to material seduction in choosing our partners. We are often influenced by a person’s money, lifestyle, material possessions and power to the exclusion of whether the person is really compatible.


Putting commitment before compatibility. Becoming seriously involved in a relationship before giving much thought to whether the person is really right for you can lead to a lot of problems if the person turns out to be wrong for you.