Relationship commitment offers unlimited challenges and potential for happy and gratification. To be successful in a relationship requires more than just love. It requires the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the challenges of two individuals living together as a couple. Creative expression of love and affection keep relationships hot and satisfying. Effective communication of needs, wants and desires is essential for continued growth of the relationship. Adaptive problem-solving and coping skills are necessary to meet the inherent challenges of relationships. Healthy ways to integrate and express emotions that arise from relationship interactions allow for a healthy emotional climate. A balanced lifestyle that allows ample time for spouse and ample time for self promotes a long and happy time together.

Download A Guide to Achieving Successful and Happy Relationships and learn such valuable things as:

How To Set Up A Couples Meeting
The couples meeting is one of the most important tools a couple can use to solve problems, resolve conflicts and set goals. Learn the rules and tools to make your relationship happier and conflict free. Make A Date. Set up a regular time for half an hour. This time should go on your calendar or wherever you make note of your important appointments.

A Dictionary of Relationship Talk
This “dictionary” will help you better identify self-defeating patterns of discussion as well as solution facilitating patterns of communicating.

Responsible Communication
Say it better to your partner and others by learning effective versus ineffective ways of communicating with others.

Guide to Resolving Problems
Problem solving proceeds when you schedule a couple’s meeting to discuss and answer four questions:

  1. What is the problem?
  2. What are solutions to the problem?
  3. What solutions will we try?
  4. How will we evaluate our success?


To improve your relationship skills and insure a lifetime of relationship satisfaction, download A Guide to Achieving Successful and Happy Relationships.