Having a positive and loving relationship with self is at the core of any successful relationship with another. Self love reflects both your attitude – what you think and feel about yourself; and your lifestyle – what you do with your time and a consistent manner of behaving toward self. An attitude of self acceptance, self-esteem, and personal responsibility is a loving attitude and is essential for personal growth and effective functioning.

Attitude must be paired with a lifestyle in which you treat yourself in a loving manner. A loving you is better equipped to give love to another and to accept love from another. By being aware of your basic physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs; and by creatively living life to fulfill these needs, you are acting lovingly and effectively in your own best interests.

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A balanced lifestyle – in which all of your needs are met on a consistent basis – is a loving lifestyle.

The Guide to Achieving Happiness and Success provides valuable information and skills that facilitate a healthy fulfilling lifestyle. It provides an outline into how to form and maintain a loving relationship with yourself and how to be effective in pursuing goals and influencing others. Take this quick self-love inventory to assess your self-love quotient.

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Now available Guide to Achieving Happiness and Success.